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Server name: [!!!]Hirntot no HW
Server IP: et2.hirntot.org:27960
Website: hirntot.org
Discord: hirntot.org/discord
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Award Stats
Awards List
Best acc. with Airstrike Soho
Best acc. with Arty ETPlayer
Best acc. with Colt howkru
Best acc. with Dynamite sheyD
Best acc. with Fg42 ///Zakra
Best acc. with Flamethrower [!!!]Harlekin
Best acc. with Garand schlomo
Best acc. with Grenade launcher Damio
Best acc. with Kar98 karas
Best acc. with Knife >dc
Best acc. with Landmine bustaa :x
Best acc. with Luger Jungske1
Best acc. with Mobile mg42 Grega
Best acc. with Mortar FraGGer*****
Best acc. with Mp40 edshotmachine
Best acc. with Panzerfaust gustavo
Best acc. with Satchel Anarchist
Best acc. with Sten HomR Simpson
Best acc. with Thompson testtt
Best overall acc. supreme
Best Killer with Airstrike Angek.
Best Killer with Arty 2GR*le90mman
Best Killer with Browning [!!!]Harlekin
Best Killer with Carbine Lee Dong John
Best Killer with Colt lepip
Best Killer with Crush construction Hyperspede
Best Killer with Dynamite Morathie
Best Killer with Fg42 ice&sun
Best Killer with Fg42scope spiderman
Best Killer with Flamethrower [!!!]Harlekin
Best Killer with Garand Sutina<3
Best Killer with Garand scope jtm
Best Killer with Gpg40 supreme
Best Killer with Grenade launcher kIANOkIANOkIANOkIANO
Best Killer with K43 Shin
Best Killer with K43 scope Shin
Best Killer with Kar98 Face'N sPECULA
Best Killer with Kicked Joint.
Best Killer with Knife ice&sun
Best Killer with Landmine [n]innocent-bystander
Best Killer with Luger eXido'P1az
Best Killer with M7 Lee Dong John
Best Killer with Machinegun Buro
Best Killer with Mg42 Bialy
Best Killer with Mobile mg42 (HBC)Horus
Best Killer with Mortar QpaQ
Best Killer with Mp40 animalized aim
Best Killer with Panzerfaust QpaQ
Best Killer with Satchel ice&sun
Best Killer with Silencer ice&sun
Best Killer with Smokegrenade SoN/NeFeS
Best Killer with Sten Medzik
Best Killer with Thompson lepip
Most Dynamites Diffused Morathie
Most Dynamites planted Sutina<3
Most Repairs .DMG|Rivaled
Field Ops
Most Ammopacks Collected 2GR* ElMatador
Walking Ammo Rack 2GR*le90mman
Best HS acc. with Colt fuks
Best HS acc. with Fg42 ds.plnk
Best HS acc. with Garand 500hz
Best HS acc. with Kar98 simpsonr
Best HS acc. with Luger Philosopher King
Best HS acc. with Mp40 Juanito Perez
Best HS acc. with Sten GamesDefeatUser
Best HS acc. with Thompson Juanito Perez
Best overall HS acc. Juanito Perez
Most HS with all Weapons eXido'P1az
Most HS with Colt lepip
Most HS with Fg42 ice&sun
Most HS with Garand Lee Dong John
Most HS with Luger gwiazda
Most HS with Mp40 hshooter
Most HS with Sten Medzik
Most HS with Thompson lepip
Best Nurse ERYThR0P0iETiN
Med Pack Whore 2GR*le90mman
Most Revives Received m3nthor
Walking Health Rack ERYThR0P0iETiN
Best Efficiency edshotmachine
Damage Dealer DEBT KNIGHT
Eyes Wide Shut (TK/Games) gambit
First Killer WannaBeShootej
First Victim et|suxx
Highest Death Streak GRArzYNA
Highest Kill Streak snjh
Most Damage From Team ice&sun
Most Damage Taken DEBT KNIGHT
Most Damage To Team 2GR*le90mman
Most Deaths ohnoes
Most Rounds Lost riflelolnade
Most Rounds Won nosound
Most Selfkills Zodiac.no
Smokes a lot 20VI$ION20
Award Listing for Best acc. with mortar (top 50)
# Player Name  Games   Hits   Shots   Accuracy 
1 FraGGer***** 2547 20 25 80.00
2 QpaQ 909 115 195 58.97
3 [!!!]Bodin 199 0 4 0.00
4 TigeR 911 0 1 0.00
5 GJIROKASTRA 259 0 15 0.00
6 *ABC*R4mb0 170 0 12 0.00
7 ANGERFIST 109 0 12 0.00
8 renifer 683 0 10 0.00
9 m3nthor 123 0 5 0.00
10 abb 391 0 0
11 APEMODE 855 0 0
12 infeCted|mKs 255 0 0
13 jtm 196 0 0
14 mennen 235 0 0
15 pif paf 479 0 0
16 Mark 65 0 0
17 GOK1NG 918 0 0
18 goqDespo 101 0 0
19 yuvil_suckmiof 67 0 0
20 haist 73 0 0
21 500hz 2172 0 0
22 JEBACZENKO 198 0 0
23 Ben 200 0 0
24 agsor 295 0 0
25 SHOOT 466 0 0
26 sArah 1732 0 0
27 Tarantula* 61 0 0
28 Axi 1846 0 0
29 .Brylant 532 0 0
30 gustavo 746 0 0
31 specialsoul:o 69 0 0
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