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Awards List
 Best acc. with Airstrike  #osk
 Best acc. with Arty  Imindisguise
 Best acc. with Colt  ...
 Best acc. with Dynamite  .Schwens
 Best acc. with Fg42  Canni <o/
 Best acc. with Flamethrower  Marshall
 Best acc. with Garand  krzacz3k
 Best acc. with Grenade launcher  ghosting monitor
 Best acc. with Kar98  foreva
 Best acc. with Knife  mrvlek
 Best acc. with Landmine  edshotmachine
 Best acc. with Luger  clownshoes
 Best acc. with Mobile mg42  CrashOverride
 Best acc. with Mortar  pio
 Best acc. with Mp40  supreme
 Best acc. with Panzerfaust  KAPSALONHOOCHI :^)
 Best acc. with Satchel  Assanuga123
 Best acc. with Sten  cfg
 Best acc. with Thompson  edshotmachine
 Best overall acc.  supreme
 Best Killer with Airstrike  hunter
 Best Killer with Arty  bIgDaDdY*
 Best Killer with Browning  sdc HeDo
 Best Killer with Carbine  Qwyx
 Best Killer with Colt  sArah
 Best Killer with Crush construction   TN Smirnoff
 Best Killer with Dynamite  XenoMorph
 Best Killer with Fg42  Specht..
 Best Killer with Fg42scope  60fps:(
 Best Killer with Flamethrower  Radagast Smurf
 Best Killer with Garand  jtm
 Best Killer with Garand scope  jtm
 Best Killer with Gpg40  El Diego Cigala
 Best Killer with Grenade launcher  kIANOkIANOkIANOkIANO
 Best Killer with K43  ESPION
 Best Killer with K43 scope  book
 Best Killer with Kar98  El Diego Cigala
 Best Killer with Kicked  ROOKiE
 Best Killer with Knife  20VI$ION20
 Best Killer with Landmine  Hela
 Best Killer with Luger  :>!
 Best Killer with M7  Qwyx
 Best Killer with Machinegun  clownshoes
 Best Killer with Mg42  bananacookie
 Best Killer with Mobile mg42  RoyalHV|Omega
 Best Killer with Mortar  BELLE_DELPHINE
 Best Killer with Mp40  NOkIANOkIANOkIANOkIA
 Best Killer with Panzerfaust  Asox
 Best Killer with Satchel  pio
 Best Killer with Silencer  ice&sun
 Best Killer with Smokegrenade  Plain
 Best Killer with Sten  Medzik
 Best Killer with Suicide  rapala
 Best Killer with Thompson  D R E A M W O R K S
 Most Dynamites Diffused  lag|Kermit~
 Most Dynamites planted  YE-PAAVO
 Most Repairs  daniellopo[PL]
Field Ops
 Most Ammopacks Collected  .Schwens
 Walking Ammo Rack  VELTINS
 Best HS acc. with Colt  El Diego Cigala
 Best HS acc. with Fg42  nWccccccccccccccccc
 Best HS acc. with Garand  fuckface
 Best HS acc. with Kar98  GiNekoloG
 Best HS acc. with Luger  :-)
 Best HS acc. with Mp40  edshotmachine
 Best HS acc. with Sten  loltest
 Best HS acc. with Thompson  seppuku2
 Best overall HS acc.  low+ hs
 Most HS with all Weapons  edshotmachine
 Most HS with Colt  sArah
 Most HS with Fg42  Specht..
 Most HS with Garand  jtm
 Most HS with Kar98  ESPION
 Most HS with Luger  edshotmachine
 Most HS with Mp40  edshotmachine
 Most HS with Sten  Medzik
 Most HS with Thompson  lepip
 Best Nurse  ERYThR0P0iETiN
 Med Pack Whore  ducks and their embr...
 Most Revives Received  XB Fish
 Walking Health Rack  ERYThR0P0iETiN
 Best Efficiency  edshotmachine
 Best Killer  S3AL
 Damage Dealer  NOkIANOkIANOkIANOkIA
 Eyes Wide Shut (TK/Games)  bIgDaDdY*
 First Killer  Lee Dong John
 First Victim  Vik.
 Highest Death Streak  Ruediger
 Highest Kill Streak  Slash:)
 Most Damage From Team  S3AL
 Most Damage Taken  S3AL
 Most Damage To Team  Honey77
 Most Deaths  supreme
 Most Rounds Lost  bvfdbruiui
 Most Rounds Won  foreva
 Most Selfkills  Eternal Night
 Smokes a lot  Specht..
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